City Love

In “Der Konflikt der Kultur” Georg Simmel writes about creative motion of the life that produces forms like civil laws, artworks, religion, science, technology etc. - we call all of them “culture”. But after they are produced these forms start living apart, keeping their own power and life never stops to produce other forms. Then they start fighting with the life – this phenomenon creates a paradox between life and different forms of culture.

In our project we try to use this paradox of city culture by one form of city life: loving the city and the contradiction of polluting the city with trash. We all love the city in its clean and neat ways, the touristic places, and the inner districts but if you take a closer look to different areas of the city, you will discover the whole dirty truth: Loving the city produces trash.

Team members: Eda Gecikmez, Jasmin Bauer, Nora Safranek