interactive installation,
exhibited at Pact Zollverein, Essen, Germany, 2010

A map can be considered as a visual and symbolic representation of an area which can be thematic. So we wanted to create a map on a new criterion that is based on the feelings of human.

Our working process was; first we have chosen one specific street in Essen. This street is Kettwiger Staresse, which is the main shopping street in the center of the city. We decided to interview with women and ask them about their favorite street in Essen, we also considered asking about their most disliked area/street. We questioned them on the reasons of their likes and dislikes about the streets.

By this way we were able to create a ‘live map’ with materials that we have chosen to represent the Kettwiger Strasse; so that the viewers can feel the street via sound, interview, music, video and visual material such as photos and representation of maps. So you will be able to sense the vibes of people, especially women who use this specific street in many ways.

Team: Amandine Maria , Eda Gecikmez, Tuna Pase