Alternative Postcards From Turkey
Water color on paper, Each 10,5 x 14,8 cm

This on-going work is about postcards that every shops have about the city itself, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween... It can be a gift, entertainment, spectacle, advertisement or ideology that reflect to the viewer as very innocent object. So with this inspiration, I started to create alternative postcards about cities from Turkey that made the headlines on social media.

Writings behind the postcards:

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council named the area in front of Ankara Train Station where The Ankara bombing occurred: “Democracy Square” The Council gathered under the chairmanship of Council Deputy Speaker Ali İhsan Ölme and the name “Democracy Square” was suggested after Ankara bombing which left 100 people dead. (Bianet, October 16th, 2015)

In the aftermath of the four day long non-stop curfew now we are faced with hole marks, caused by bullets and rockets use, nationalist slogans as graffiti and witnesses of state imposed violence in the city of Sur, Diyarbakır. When entering Sur, the locals first direct us towards the mosque. Fatih Paşa (Bıyıklı Mehmet Paşa-Kurşunlu) Mosque dates back to 1500s. Today, the mosque walls have bullets marks. (Bianet, October 15th, 2015)

The Third Bosphorus Bridge already under contraction spanning nearly 1,500 meters, this suspension bridge will soon be the 8th largest in the world. Traffic from the third bridge will connect to another megaproject which is still in early stages of development: the Istanbul New Airport. This airport (Istanbul’s thisrd) is planned to be the largest airport in the world.Construction will require76.500.000 square meters of land, 80% of which is forested. 660 hectares of rare wetlands will also be destroyed, with important drinking water tributaries and ponds either destroyed or filled up with waste, and with a vast expansion of urbanism in the last remaining green areas of the city.(KUuzey Ormanları Savunması, July 27th, 2015)

Approximately 250 natural living-space defenders have protested construction of a nuclear power plant on a natural wonder in the national park in İğneada, which includes deep-spot forests, long beaches, green fields and lakes. (Evrensel, October 20th, 2015)

Turkey launched the construction of its first nuclear power plant, a $20 billion project, for greater energy self-sufficiency on Tuesday. The nuclear power station in Akkuyu in the southern province of Mersin, is being built by Russia’s nuclear agency Rosatom.“Development cannot take place in a country without nuclear energy,” said Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız at a ceremony attented by the head of Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko and other top officials. (Daily Sabah, April 14th, 2015)

The situation is also becoming increasingly desperate on Europe’s sea borders after a dramatic spike in the numbers of migrants leaving Turkey by sea for Greece over the past week, among them the tiny toddler whose death has caused such outrage. A rescue worker from Bodrum identified the boy as Aylan Kurdi to AFP. Media reports said he was three years old. Aylan was believed to be traveling with his family on tiny boat built for four people but which was carrying 15 refugees, believed to be from the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobené, who fled to Turkey last year to escape the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militans. (Hurriyet Daily News, September 3rd , 2015)

The resistance-tent that has been established by the citizens who protested against a private company using cyanide to search gold in 100 acres of forest area in Ordu’s Fatsa town, has reached its 213th day. Cevat Atar who is the spokesperson for Natural Protection Platform for Fatsa and Ünye, has defended that the process of searching for gold with cyanide will exterminate the environmental coat and other habitat in the region. Atar added “if a mining company starts operating here, there will be no one in the 16 villages nearby. Migration will start. Those who stay will have to get cancer. While these things always happen wherever cyanide is used for gold-mining, they look into our eyes and claim ‘there is no harm in cyanide’. They will come, take the metal and leave. They will leave the contamination and poison to us. Not just our future, even the next millennia’s, ten millennias’ future generations are being stolen. We will never just observe this situation. We will keep our struggle until this corporation leaves here.” (Son Dakika, May 25th, 2015)

The 2015 Suruç Bombing took place in the Suruç district of Şanlıurfa Province in Turkey at approximately 12:00 local time on 20 July 2015, outside the Amara Culture Centre. 33 people were killed and 104 were reported injured. Most victims were members of the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP) Young Wing and the Socialist Young Associations Federation (SGDF), university-ages students who were giving a press statement on their planned tirp to reconstruct the Syrian border town of Kobané. (Wikipedia)

The fire which is said to have started with the military’s artillery shooting has been going on for two days. Due to landscape conditions the firefighters are inadequate and helicopters are not being used either. “The area between Aksu and Damlaca have turned to ashes. Aksu is an Assyrian village that had been evacuated in the 90s and resettled recently. A citizen had planted five thousand fruit trees, now all have burned down.” Seyfettin Aydemir, Silopi co-mayor stated that the fire-trucks have been ineffective due to terrain conditions and since the first moments they have requested avian support but the state officials have not approved. Aydemir also stated that the beginning of the fire was due to artillery shooting from the Çalışkan Border Brigade, and this was seen via thermal cameras. (Bianet- June 18th, 2015)

“Because they know that if Ak Party is toppled from power, these terror gangs or, as it was in the past, Beyaz Toros cars will come around.” Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said a cheering crowd in the predominantly Kurdish eastern Van Province. Davutoğlu’s statement evoked dark memories for Kurds, many of ehom either disappeared or were killed after being dragged into Renault cars and driven away cars popularly known as Beyaz Toros. (Today’s Zaman, October 20th, 2015)