İsimsiz / Untitled
2 Kanallı video enstelasyonu / 2 Channel video installation
3:40’’ - 1:46’’
2015, Italya / Italy

“Central to the exhibition is an untitled video work by Eda Gecikmez, who is otherwise mostly a figurative painter, bringing to life Deleuze’s water concept so that in each of two channels, the viewer gets a glimpse of a totality, or what it means to see not as a subject but as a force or element. This work lays the first ground, then is augmented by the introduction of grace in the rest of the works not as an abstract quality, or a substance, or a divine attribute, but closer to the definition used by early theologians: a generous gift, a favor, a form of power that requires a degree of collectiveness.”

-Hyperallergic “Amid Political Turbulence in Istanbul, Artists Seek Grace” by Ari Akkermans